i didn’t think this existed

waking up to the vision of you

a tuft of gray laying on my pillow

i didn’t think this existed

this kind of love

i don’t feel alone

like i used to

when i see you

i see home

i didn’t think what those people

spoke of

was real

that i could feel this way

that i always want you back

when i see you walking the other way

that we think the same things at the same time

that i would want to write again

and this time

when i wrote

that the writing would be real

your love has revealed to me

something that

i never believed

that love exists

and persists

and insists on

dwelling within us

around us

our love is like

the best blanket

nothing that could ever be


it’s like

my great-grandmothers quilt

all wrapped up

in hand stitched warmth

i see you

and that familiar tuft of grey

and i feel so unbelievably


because what amazing thing

did i do to deserve you

and to have you love me

and touch me

and hold me

and kiss the back of my neck

especially when your beard is scruffy

i’m so thankful for you

and this

and us

and what we create

and what we envision

this exists


releasing the block

I saw a show the other day. The name of the woman is Linda Garland. She grew her own house in Bali. Can you imagine, growing your own home? She grew her house with bamboo. How awesome is that?

Anyway, I am in the midst of releasing my writers block.

Here it goes…

I anticipated you so much.

I adored the thought of you.

The entire time I carried you I hummed a tune.

And to this day, you love music.

You have this amazing capability of remembering a song after hearing it only once.

You know exactly when to come in with a verse.

You are so uncanny.

I took you out of school.

Partially because those bandits didn’t believe in you.

And partially because I hated them for not understanding or recognizing.

That every child is gifted.

And willing to learn.

That we are all a riddle.

A question.

That we are all a mystery.

Just aching for you to be interested.

In wanting to know what we are capable of.

They didn’t understand that.

You don’t like paper.

Unless you are drawing.

That you like sounds.

That you learn more through sounds.

Than an empty sheet.

That someone unfairly expected you to fill out.

The same way the other person did it.

Is school just to train people to do things the same exact way all the time?

what is happening?

Lately, I have had a dream.  I felt it coming true.  And then like the wind it was gone.  It was not complicated, just a simple dream, something like a stepping stone to get me to another place.  If I am not aligned with exactly what my purpose is, I want to make sure that I do the things that keep me on the path.  Sometimes when something does not go the way the way that we think it should, something is nudging is to fulfill something greater…

Ensuring the Vision

What is it that you want? What is it that you desire? I just really discovered for myself, that it is I that have the power to make my dreams come true. It is I that have the power to fully recognize each and every one of my dreams… How do we ensure the vision for ourselves? We do what is necessary to make it come true. If my dream is to have healthy and happy children, then I will do what is necessary to make all of that manifest. I feed my children a vegan diet. They eat natural and whole foods and I make sure that they get outside often and enjoy lots of sunlight and get lots of exercise. We also pray together.

Allowing your dreams to come true

What do you dream about? What do you wish for? I think so many of us are actually fearful of achieving our dreams. Imagine your wildest dreams coming true. Can you imagine living the reality of it? I want to travel the entire continent of Africa with my children. What do you want to do? Most of all, I have to do what is necessary to allow my dreams to come true.

I am living the art of allowing blessings to come into my life.

Based on the law of attraction, we have asked for everything we have been given.  I have decided that I am allowing only good things in my life and the life of my family.